Pmtt® CT (50% Sodium Tolyltriazole)

CAS: 64665-57-2

Sodium Tolyltriazole or TT-Na

Chemical Name: Sodium Tolyltriazole or TT-Na

Molecular formula: C7H6N3Na

Molecular weight: 155.13

PMCI. introduces GREEN TECHNOLOGY®, a novel process which utilizes less power and energy while significantly reducing chemical waste.

PMTT® CT is 50% sodium tolyltriazole in water. PMTT® CT is a corrosion inhibitor used for yellow metal protection. It is a product of very high purity and a direct replacement for PMTT® -50Na. PMTT® CT is most commonly used in liquid products with an alkaline pH.

PMTT® CT is MADE IN INDIA and processed with GREEN TECHNOLOGY® and offers the following environ- mentally friendly


  • Decreased Carbon Footprint
  • Chemical Waste Reduction
parameters Results
Appearance Clear  amber liquid
Content ≥50%
Chlorine content ≤100 (ppm)
Free Alkali ≤0.5%
Density 1.18-1.2g/ml(24℃)
PH value 11.5-12.0

Packing Details

As per customer requirement.


Please refer to our Material safety data sheet for information


Protect from the effects of weathering and store at temperatures below 50 °C. Once opened, containers should be resealed immediately after each use.